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I throw my opinion around like a mad monkey in the zoo

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Needs to die:

1. John Durant. All he is, is a random obstacle to Jason and Sonny. Nothing new, no scenes with his daughter or his grandsons, he only exists at the police station to torment Jason and Sonny.

2. Emily Quartermaine. I used to love her. . .

3. Patrick Drake. The swinger with the heart of gold is old news, man. This guy is tired.

4. Ric Lansing. There's really nothing to the man.

Needs better scenes:

1. Robin Scorpio. Can anyone else remember when she was an interesting character?

2. Georgie Jones. Leave Dillon for Diego! Do it now!

3. Skye Quartermaine. Nothing ruins a good woman like a bad case of baby-rabies.

4. Sonny Corinthos. I'm losing my love.

5. Alexis Davis. Stop trying to control Sam, it only makes you look like a hag.

Needs more scenes in general:

1. Diego Alcazar. I'm a sucker for a repentant sinner.

2. Bobbie and Noah. This seems like a fun romance. Take it somewhere!

3. Alan and Monica. I just like these two, I don't know why.

Did they get fired? Where are they?

1. Lainey Winters.

Kudos time!

1. Carly Corinthos. My favorite trainwreck.

2. Nikolas Cassadine. I want him to have his son. They could be like Batman and Robin and that big ol' mansion!

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