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General Hospital fandom on Geocities!

If you haven't heard, Geocities is closing on October 26, 2009. Geocities has played an important role in the history of the General Hospital fandom. On Fan History Wiki, we want to help chronicle the history of this fandom on Geocities before it is lost forever. We'd love to have you involved.

We've created some stub articles at General Hospital fansites on Geocities. There isn't much there, especially when you think about the whole of Geocities and how important Geocities was to the General Hospital fandom. We'd really want to see the few existing articles improved to give a better idea of what role they played early in the fandom's history and for the fandom's history off LiveJournal. Just click edit, write in relevant information and then click save. You can't screw it up. (It's a wiki. Things are incredibily easy to fix if you're worried.) If you're feeling really helpful, please use Template:fansitesgeocities to create new articles so that we can get the history of more Geocitie's General Hospital fansites saved.

Even if you aren't editing, please pass the word along to others in the fandom. Ask them to help us. Ask them to visit Geocities to just save those sites on their hard drives. If you're a fan fiction reader, check out some of those stories from the fandom before they disappear potentially forever.

I throw my opinion around like a mad monkey in the zoo

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Needs to die:

1. John Durant. All he is, is a random obstacle to Jason and Sonny. Nothing new, no scenes with his daughter or his grandsons, he only exists at the police station to torment Jason and Sonny.

2. Emily Quartermaine. I used to love her. . .

3. Patrick Drake. The swinger with the heart of gold is old news, man. This guy is tired.

4. Ric Lansing. There's really nothing to the man.

Needs better scenes:

1. Robin Scorpio. Can anyone else remember when she was an interesting character?

2. Georgie Jones. Leave Dillon for Diego! Do it now!

3. Skye Quartermaine. Nothing ruins a good woman like a bad case of baby-rabies.

4. Sonny Corinthos. I'm losing my love.

5. Alexis Davis. Stop trying to control Sam, it only makes you look like a hag.

Needs more scenes in general:

1. Diego Alcazar. I'm a sucker for a repentant sinner.

2. Bobbie and Noah. This seems like a fun romance. Take it somewhere!

3. Alan and Monica. I just like these two, I don't know why.

Did they get fired? Where are they?

1. Lainey Winters.

Kudos time!

1. Carly Corinthos. My favorite trainwreck.

2. Nikolas Cassadine. I want him to have his son. They could be like Batman and Robin and that big ol' mansion!

Tonys service

OK...I NEVER post here and I am not really sure of the best way to get to what I wanted but I have gotten an ABC hotsheet in my email inbox and wanted to post it here. I tried to save the image but it wouldn't save it as a whole image so I had to do bits and pieces. SO...under the cut are 4 parts of the hotsheet I got today.

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Soap Opera Quiz!!!

Your life most resembles:
Days of Our Lives

Your life mostly resembles those of the characters on Days of Our Lives. You have a crazy life. For some reason many different people are attracted to you and many strange things happen to you. You like to play it up too, and love starting rumors about yourself so that everyone will know you. Your friends love you because you are so funny, you make them feel important by always making them your top priority and you are kinda quirky.

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Amityville Horror

who's your daddy???

So courtney is gonna be pregant after all.Nicholas or Jax's? any thoughts on who it should be? I say Nicholas. Jax is a Jerk. It will serve him right for being an agroant ass.
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